Sellaronda cycling - through the historical landscapes of the Dolomites

Sellaronda cycling tour around the Sella group, is one of the most impressive and renowned circuits in the Alps, both in winter and summer.

For road bike enthusiasts, Sellaronda recalls a legendary cycling experience with hairpin bends and mountain passes, challenging climbs and adrenaline-fueled descents. All this surrounded by a unique panorama: the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites.

What can we say about the most extraordinary cycling route in the world? Indeed, it is difficult to find the proper words to introduce it! Sellaronda cycling is also known as Four Passes Tour. Campolongo Pass, Pordoi Pass, Sella Pass and Gardena Pass - these are the four famous passes that make racing bike enthusiasts swoon! A scenic landscape with snow-peaked Alps will be your travel companion.

Sellaronda cycling route

  • From the beautiful Fassa valley you will climb the Sella, the longest and hardest steep of the tour, passing at the foot of the impressive Dolomite walls of Sass Pordoi, Piz Boè and Piz Ciavazes.
  • After the Sella Pass, you will admire the slopes of the Sella and Sassolungo.
  • The next easy ascent to Passo Gardena takes place overlooking the incredible Mesules.
  • The placid green meadows that characterize the stretch between Corvara, Campolongo Pass and Arabba contrast with the austere peaks of the Sella Group.
  • The mountain ridge of Bec da Mesdà crowns the last challenging climb to the Pordoi Pass.

Starting from Selva di Val Gardena or Corvara in Alta Badia is the same. The advice, though, is to ride the Sellaronda clockwise.

Some more technical details about Sellaronda cycling

  • Slopes are between 8 - 10% - the longest climb is on the Pordoi Pass with an average slope of 8% and 33 switchbacks. The steepest passages, however, are on the Sella Pass with an average of 11%.
  • Average cycling time: between 4 and 6 hours time
  • Difference in height: 1,600 meters
  • Length: 53 km
  • The roads are generally in good condition, however, it is good to be careful as sometimes the asphalt may be slightly damaged and with some potholes.

When is the best time for Sellaronda cycling?

The best time to set out for this route is between May and September, preferably on warm days when descents from the passes do not become problematic because of the cold. The best days are definitely between late May and mid-June when the pass roads are not so busy. On weekends in July and August, unfortunately, the route is packed with by motorcyclists, cyclists, mountaineers. Particularly at those times be careful especially on the downhill. A smart choice, for those who can, is to go for Sellaronda cycling on midweek days, when you enjoy the route without worries. The best day to enjoy the Sellaronda without the traffic is Sellaronda Bike Day in June and September.

Sellaronda Bike Day

Cyclists should definitely save the date: June 11 and September 17, 2022. Once again this year the Sellaronda Bike day will be a lot of fun! It’s the special day of biking around the Sella group dedicated to all cycling enthusiasts from all the world! During Sellaronda Bike Day, the roads of are closed to motor vehicles and left entirely to your passion, cycling with peace of mind and without stress. 

Just remember: Sellaronda Bike Day is not a bike race! Quite the opposite: when Sellaronda and its passes around the Sella Group are closed to car traffic, cyclists of all ages and levels have the chance to take a stunning bike ride with unique views. There is no participation fee or time requirements.

Depending on personal needs, different routes and sections are available. It is possible to start in all valleys: Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba and Val di Fassa. The assistance points are located at the following locations: PordoI Pass, Arabba, Sella/Pordoj Pass crossing, and Miramonti crossing. On the route you will find bike restaurants, bars and refreshment stations where you can meet and share your passion with other bike fans!

Live this adventure joining Sellaronda Cycling Tour