Technical Organization

a) Adventoured operates as a tour operator following the release in data 03/05/2022 of the Provincial Authorization n. 2022-S039-00178 of the Autonomous Province of Trento;

b) The Technical Chief of the tour Operator "Adventoured" is identified in the person of Anna Bonazza, born in Trento the 05/11/1962. Anna is member of the category of Tour Operator Technical Chief of the Autonomous Province of Trento since the 04/10/1988;

b) The agency carries out its role as a tour operator guaranteed by Insurance pìPolicy with the company Nobis Assicurazioni Professional Civil Responsibility n. 202552972;

c) Customer Travels are secured by the Filo Diretto Protection Fund of Nobis Assistance Srl , policy no. 202553443. with registered office in Via Lanzo 29 in Borgato Torinese 10071 Turin tax code 02230970960 tel. 0399890991 mail: -