Liability Waiver

The undersigned/a (in the following, User), with reference to the activities (in the following, Experience) that he intends to carry out at the local guides (in the following, Local Manager)

declares to:

A.     be in good health and to suitable and adequate to practice the outdoor sporting activity choosen;

B.     undertake to follow the instructions of the outdoor guide designated by the Local Manager and to take all appropriate conduct in order to carry out the Experience in complete safety in order not to cause damage, endanger and / or cause discomfort to himself or to anyone other person involved in the Experience;

C.     be aware of each activity related to the Experience and to have the physical abilities, experience, technical skills and specific knowledge of experienced sportman necessary to carry out in absolute autonomy and independence, at your own risk, the activities required by the Experience;

D.      to be in possession of a suitable insurance policy to cover the risk inherent in the activities that will be placed on the cards during the course of the Experience;

E.      to assume any and all liability, civil and criminal, and for compensation for any damage to property, persons and structures directly caused by him or attributable to his actions and conduct held during the development of the Experience as well as he assumes any risk for his own person;

F.     to exonerate as of now for all purposes of reason and law, the Local Manager and each of his appointees from any and all responsibility, renouncing as of now to advance against them, for any reason, claims for damages or compensation.

In light of the above, the User hold harmless, to the maximum extent permitted by law, OTP Srl, the Local Manager and each person in charge of any material and non-material damage, direct or indirect, to his person, to third parties and / or to equipment that should derive from participation in the Experience and which is not attributable to the Local Manager and / or to his / her supervisors for willful misconduct or gross negligence.