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Are you an outdoor addicted like us and are you planning to spend your next sports holiday in Italy? You’re just on time! Your active Dolomites holiday is just one click away.

The ultimate outdoor platform, is born: starting from the wild land of Dolomites, the marketplace connects the best outdoor destinations with the best tour guides and accommodation. Say goodbye to long online research and comparing!

This project was ideated from five young entrepreneurs living in the Dolomites, five keen sportsmen who dream to create a widespread community. Today, let’s meet the founder and CEO, Marco.

Dolomites holiday

Adventoured new outdoor platform - What is your mission?

For years now, I have worked in the outdoor tourism field, but I felt that something was missing. It is very hard for a foreigner adventure traveler to plan a Dolomites holiday. Our ambition is to provide them with an intuitive and user-friendly platform aggregating different services: here, sport lovers can book directly and without any effort their Dolomites holiday.

Our mission is creating a meeting point that connects outdoor enthusiasts and tour guides in a specific destination, covering different sport activities (biking, trekking, mountaineering, snow).

We focus on slow tourism, low numbers and high quality.

Tell us more about your sport and outdoor passion.

I've been an outdoor enthusiast since I was a little kid. You know, we live in Trentino Alto-Adige, the mountains are our gym! We are very lucky because every time we are in the mountains, I personally feel on vacation. But I know the places, the guides, the best tips because I’m a local. I want to give adventure travelers from all over the world the same opportunity when they are on a Dolomites holiday.

What does the outdoor world mean to you?

Outdoor means discovering something new every time, looking beyond the appearances, getting involved, and especially growing. The outdoors are democratic: this aspect is fascinating to me. Everyone can go for it at different levels. At Adventoured, it's not a requirement to be a pro!

Adventure Travel means changing your perspective in a vacation. From a fancier type of tourism, outdoor experiences are the perfect advocate for slow and sustainable travel. It’s a more conscious way of travel, less hit-and-run. And the mountains have boomed over the last years. This trend excites more and more people and it is here to stay.

In a nutshell: 3 unique features of Adventoured

1# Professionalism - know-how - quality: we are a group of outdoor and sport professionals

2# Cutting-edge technology - instant booking: your Dolomites holiday is just one click away!

3# Community - network - destination: thanks to events, sponsors, brand ambassadors

Dolomites holiday

How do you strive for establishing a local network?

We sell travel packages that would require a lot of work to be self-planned. A trekking trip combined with a museum visit, a farm, a wine cellar needs a painstaking research and service combination (transfer, tour guide etc.). We provide an all-inclusive multiday Dolomites holiday with internal and linked logistics.

Let’s bundle the services, provide local guides, promote training: for example how to go down by bike from a hill, how to use the gear, or how to recover a person from a crevasse in case of emergency, what are the best equipments to use: welcome to Adventoured!

Product, training, experience is our way to build our community.

How do you see Adventoured in 5 years?

We are really ambitious, the idea is not focussing only in the Dolomites but we would like to expand our core business to the Northern Alps and abroad, creating a local community for every destination we embrace.

It is important to us that the suppliers start to change their mindset and work together for a better future: joining our platform is an opportunity both for adventure travelers and for partners to meet and get exactly what they have ever dreamed of. We bring your Dolomites holiday to a next level!

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