Alta Via 1 - Dolomites Hiking in the heart of UNESCO heritage

Have you ever hiked in the superb Dolomites? Alta Via 1 Dolomites Hiking is a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Imagine yourself on a summit at sunset: a rewarding hiking day behind you and the starry night awaiting. Let your gaze wander along the imaginary line traced by the Alta Via 1 Dolomites between the mountain ranges that open up on the horizon.

From up here, at an altitude of 3,000 meters, you can follow a good part of your journey through the Dolomites that has fascinated generations of hikers since 1966.

That’s why Alta Via 1 Dolomites is much more than a simple excursion on the mountains: hiking in the heart of this UNESCO heritage site gives you a truly unique experience. What could be more beautiful?

Let’s discover some highlights and tips of this wonderful hike.

Alta Via 1 Dolomites Hiking

Alta Via 1 - Dolomites Hiking is the “classic” one out of eight routes

The term "Alta Via" (High route) refers to a hiking path that can be covered in several days, spending the night in mountain huts or high altitude camps.

The Alte Vie in the Dolomites are a group of eight routes with different degrees of difficulty and landscape variety. They offer a wide range of walks, suitable for both experienced hikers and beginners. These Alte Vie (High Routes) cross the Pale Mountains from north to south and from east to west, all the way to Lake Garda.

They were conceived in the 60s by the famous mountaineer and writer Dr. Piero Rossi from Belluno and still nowadays the Alte Vie are like a great timeless bestseller that attract hikers from all over the world every summer.

Alta Via 1 Dolomties is defined as "la Classica" and stretches from Lake Braies in South Tyrol to Belluno in Veneto, covering 150 km. The route leads the hiker along the groups of the Eastern Dolomites, from North to South. The route crosses the Dolomite groups of Fanes, Tofane, Croda da Lago, Pelmo, Civetta and the Belluno Dolomites.

Open air, green pastures and endless mountains, and an experience suitable even for beginners: the Alta Via Dolomites Hiking will literally leave you breathless.

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Alta Via 1 - Dolomites Hiking in a nutshell

  • Length: 130 km 
  • Total elevation gain on the way up: 8,000 m
  • Total elevation gain on descent: 10,170 m
  • Average duration: 10 - 13 days
  • Difficulty: medium - easy
  • Ideal period: from mid-June to September
  • Number of stages: 12 (if you skip a few steps, they are reduced to 8/9)
  • Mountain huts along the main route: 15
  • High altitude camps along the main route: 1
  • Refreshments along the route: 6
  • Maximum altitude: Lagazuoi Refuge, 2,752 m
  • Minimum altitude: Belluno, 389 m
  • Dolomite groups involved: 11
  • Mountain huts open from June to September
  • Sign system: good

Alta Via 1 - Dolomites Hiking Experience

Dolomites hiking through Alta Via 1 together with a certified and expert local guide is definitely an experience to live for those who’d like to undertake this adventure with a good deal of information and safety through the wonders of Croda del Becco, Fanes, Lagazuoi, Tofane, Averau, Giau, Croda da Lago, Monte Pelmo, Civetta. The high route 1 remains at an altitude of about 2,000 meters and the presence of an expert guide is always recommended.

Alta Via 1 Dolomites Hiking

What are the main advantages?

  • Live your experience in total safety and peace of mind
  • Learn more about the history and insider tips along the way
  • Don’t worry about the stops and the route signs
  • Sleep in the best camps and refuges (with half board and included services)

Alta Via 1 - Dolomites Hiking equipment

We recommend that you always start with comfortable clothing, waterproof hiking shoes and a suitable backpack with a minimum capacity of 30 liters, without forgetting to take with you at least 3 liters of water. You will also find useful gloves, hat, raincoat, spare underwear, a small microfiber towel and maybe some medicine against mosquito bites or a tick-repellent spray.

Adventoured has a network of local, qualified guides that will lead you through the wonders of the Dolomites. We will help you to organize the best experience ever: before arriving we will provide you with all equipment tips and while hiking we’ll make the most of it!

Alta Via 1 Dolomites Hiking

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