Dolomites Hiking & Via Ferrata with Matteo, Local Mountain Guide

Dolomites Hiking & Via Ferrata requires knowledgeable and certified local guides. Matteo is one of them and will show travelers what's unique about the place he calls home. Trust us, nobody knows these mountains better! He joined Adventoured, the network of local guides, destinations and adventure trips, and shared his story.

Being a Mountain Guide comes with a great deal of responsibility, passion and commitment!

When did you become a mountain guide?

I started working as a mountain guide in 2013 and then full-time in 2016. It’s been 8 years!

I was born in Trento and my father passed on his passion for the mountains. After college I decided to enroll in the certification course together with a friend. So we could finally combine passion and work. Dolomites hiking, ski, mountaineering, glaciers and via ferratas are my world since then!

How did you get to know Adventoured?

It is a story of friendship that led me to get to know Adventoured and share its values. I immediately found myself in line with the visions, the way of doing things. This marketplace is human-centered and knows how to make mountain expertise available on a broad scale, but at the same time to value the guides and their ideas.

What are the advantages of working at Adventoured as a mountain guide?

Many guides shy away from associations because they see it as a loss of individual freedom. But in Adventoured this is different: skills are cultivated and shared in the network while maintaining one's personal identity.

Here are the main advantages:

  • It’s a showcase for mountain guides
  • It’s a promotion for trips, ideas that you would struggle to get out on your own
  • It’s a talent amplification box
  • It’s based on networking, which means growth
  • It’s a wider channel for promotion

Your idea is acknowledged to you: All you have to do is sign an agreement in which you state that you will respect the punctuality, the stages of the journey, aimed at ensuring the promotion of a quality product. But it is and will always be your project!

Give me an example of your Dolomites Hiking Guided Tour

At Adventoured I put forward Brenta Dolomites Traverse along "Via delle Bocchette," a fantastic route via ferrata. Through "seghe", i.e. carvings within the walls, it tells the story of Brenta Dolomites all the way to the beautiful Lake Molveno. It is a route that goes from hut to hut, each with its own story, mainly family stories that are passed down from generation to generation. At the hut, travelers will experience that conviviality spirit that can only be found in those places. We talk about the Tuckett, Brentei, Tosa-Pedrotti.

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How will Adventoured grow in the future?

I see Adventoured and Dolomites Hiking as a continuous professional enrichment, allowing me to get in touch with other professionals. Adventoured as a reference point for Trentino and beyond, and will expand its vision to the best alpine destinations in the world!

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