Hiking in Sardinia - Selvaggio Blu

There is another way to visit Sardinia, which keeps its secrets from cursory glances and hurriedly beach tourists. Hiking in Sardinia is a real adventure, especially if we are talking about Selvaggio Blu, the “Wild Blue” Hike.

Selvaggio Blu is a unique trek because its route winds simultaneously between sea and mountains in one of the most unspoiled territories in the Mediterranean.

“The most challenging trek in all of Italy” is how Selvaggio Blu is defined, "After more exploration farther north, the Selvaggio Blu has grown to about 30 undulating and challenging miles," says the New York Times, which devoted space to this adventure.

It is located in Sardinia, in Baunei in the province of Nuoro, and it was born as an itinerary in the late 1980s from the initiative of two friends who were passionate about hiking. Selvaggio Blu is the result of the union of several trails, all very close to the sea, hence the itinerary's distinctive name.

The trek, in its original state, would have lasted only four days but over time experienced providers of adventures, have created two versions that follow the original route devised by the alpinists Verin and Cicalò in 1980, lasting six or seven days.

You will cross an impenetrable coastal area that hides wonderful mountain landscapes overlooking a blue sea. Far from civilization, far from human settlements, you free yourself from the robes of modern man by learning to marvel at nature in its primordial beauty. A challenging and fascinating adventure along a 50-kilometer route made of rough paths with a bumpy bottom, rock traverses, climbing and rope abseiling. The colors are breathtaking: the gray of the limestone, the green of the Mediterranean scrub, the deep blue of the sea and the white of the beaches. It is an exciting and tiring path that is lost in space and time and shows you the harshness of the life of the shepherds and charcoal burners who have always crossed it out of necessity.

The start of the route is at Pedra Longa and through mule tracks, spires, small bays and paths surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, ends at Cala Sisine.

If you don't think you have the technical ability to tackle a trail as difficult as the Selvaggio Blu but are physically capable of tackling exposed via ferrata passages, rappels, 8-hour consecutive treks in the Mediterranean climate and over rough and technical terrain...then you can rely on a mountain guide to undertake this wonderful experience safely.

Selvaggio Blu Hiking in Sardinia - Adventure Highlights

  • The Gulf of Orosei and Supramonte, a remote area surrounded by unspoiled nature, is home to the Mediterranean Sea's most beautiful, adrenaline-charged and challenging trails;
  • One softer route option that covers 7 days, in order to have time to tackle this tough path;
  • Discovering hidden bays with crystal clear water reachable by solitary and wild trails along the east coast of Sardinia;
  • Two overnight stays in hotel rooms, lulled by the sea breeze, with logistical support for food transport;
  • Accompanied by an experienced local guide, a deep connoisseur of the Wild Blue trails, who will introduce you to the culture and legends of Sardinia.

Relying on Adventoured to hike the Selvaggio Blu means, first and foremost, sharing the passion for the outdoors and respect for even such difficult trails, always in deep harmony with nature, with the intention of enhancing our territory without affecting its resources.

Hiking in Sardinia - Selvaggio Blu Path

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