Hiking Trip in Italy - Umbria and its hamlets

Are you planning an off-season hiking trip in Italy? The charm of the colors of autumn, the splendor and uniqueness of an area still little known, the beauty of its ancient villages, the mystery hidden within the walls of medieval castles, horizons that take your breath away...where can you find all of this? In Umbria, an under-the-radar destination that you will discover one step at a time!

One of the best and most charming Hiking trips in Italy is Cammino dei Borghi Silenti - The Walk of the Silent Villages that will lead you through nature and wonderful hamlets. It’s a loop trail of about 90 km that winds along the northern slopes of the Amerini Mountains, in the Heart of Italy, in the province of Terni. The route passes through the municipalities of Montecchio, Guardea, Avigliano Umbro and Baschi, starting and finishing in the small village of Tenaglie.

Five stages in the deepest heart of the most authentic Umbria that cross the most fascinating and less known places of the region, a real journey through time that leads to the discovery of typical medieval villages still intact, in the midst of lush and unspoiled nature.

What makes this hike amazing is the charm of silence, which from the forests of holm oaks and chestnut trees, to the ancient walls of small villages, seems to embrace everything. Sharing the labors of the ancient paths and learning to listen to the silence that surrounds you, will enable you to travel outside of time and space.

Young walking, ancient flavors, first-rate hospitality, millenary necropolises, mysterious castles, and solitary hermitages, far from mass tourism and at a leisurely pace! How can you possibly say no to all of this?

Get to know some technical details of the trip.

Hiking Trip in Italy - The Walk of Silent Villages

Length: 91 km

Stages: 5

Travel time: 3 to 7 days

Departure: Tenaglie (TR)

Arrival: Tenaglie (TR)

Region: Umbria

Height difference: 3400 mt

Stage 1: Tenaglie - Melezzole 27 km

Elevation gain: 990 + 720 - (22 km 790 + by doing the variant of Santa Restituta);

level: medium / difficult;

ground: 75 % Dirt 25% Asphalt.

Stage 2: Melezzole - Morre 17 km

Elevation gain: 800 + 850 -;

level: difficult;

ground: 95 % Dirt 5% Asphalt.

Stage 3: Morre - Civitella del lago 17 km

Elevation gain: 700 + 750 -;

level: medium / difficult;

ground: 60% Dirt 40% Asphalt.

Stage 4: Civitella del lago - Baschi 13 km

Elevation gain: 280 + 580 -;

level: easy;

ground: 70 % Dirt 30% Asphalt.

Stage 5: Baschi - Tenaglie 16 km

Elevation gain: 600 + 450 -;

level: medium;

ground: 65 % Dirt 35% Asphalt.

What to bring on your Hiking Trip to Italy

  • Hiking shoes are mandatory, preferably medium or tall;
  • backpack suitable for carrying all that you need for the day;
  • clothing suitable for a hike and stay in the mountains or in nature and whatever the participant feels he/she needs. Needed is a waterproof garment to be worn if necessary as the outermost protective layer.

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