The best Destinations for your Ski Touring Holidays

Ski Touring is a type of off-piste skiing, also known as alpine touring. Ski touring is more than just a sport: it helps you reconnect with nature and get in tune with your mind, combining skill and technique, side by side with your friends and the surrounding landscape.

If you're looking for a new challenge and a chance to see the mountains in a different light, ski touring is for you. Forget endless lines at the lifts and crowded slopes, Ski Touring opens up miles to explore. What could be better than a day finding a perfect untracked snow slope in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world?

Climb uphill, ski downhill

Ski Touring makes use of specific skis and bindings that allow you to switch between free-heel and fixed-heel modes. These particular bindings allow you to proceed uphill on skis with your heel allowed to move freely, using the climbing skins to ensure that you grip and glide.

Once you reach the top, you take off the skins, lock your heels back into the bindings, and ski back down to the valley, just as you normally would on the slopes. It is an extraordinary way to access natural mountain landscapes in winter. Ski Touring is also a good way to combine physical training and normal on-piste skiing.

As with all modes of off-piste skiing, it is essential to have the right equipment, an expert tour guide and to know how to use avalanche safety equipment as well as to know rescue procedures.

If you're tired of expensive lifts and overcrowded slopes, discover this hip new experience in pristine snow. Let’s find out the best destinations to get started with Ski Touring. 

Ski Touring in Brenta Dolomites - Madonna di Campiglio, Italy

Your explorer mood will suit perfectly in the heart of Brenta Dolomites setting, in Madonna di Campiglio. Lunar landscapes, snow-covered forests, sun-colored peaks and the silence of nature will guide you every day.

Our tourThanks to the knowledge of the local mountain guide, you will have the opportunity to test your ski mountaineering skills along the most beautiful slopes of the Brenta Dolomites. In all you will ski 4 days and you will cover about 800 meters of altitude difference per day.

Ski Touring in Stelvio National Park - Ortler, Italy

An unforgettable alpine panorama in the Stelvio National Park! In the Ortler area, with its 14 peaks above 3,000 meters in the Stelvio National Park, including six peaks over 3,500 m above sea level, ski mountaineers will find numerous opportunities for real off-piste challenges.

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The alpine landscape of the Ortler group is the scene of challenging and complex ski mountaineering routes. Interesting destinations include Solda Peak at 3,376 m and Cevedale at 3,769 m.

Ski Touring in the French Pyrenees - Ariege, France

Tackle the peaks and ridges of the French Pyrenees! Thanks to Ski Touring you can escape further into the mountain wilderness. You can combine the pleasure of snow-capped mountains, quiet areas with all tourism facilities. It’s the ideal place to learn the basic techniques of Ski Touring and have the opportunity to descend off-piste slopes safely. In addition, it is apparently a good way to meet groundhogs! ;)

Ski Touring in Tröllaskagi - Iceland

The Troll Peninsula ski area in Iceland offers many opportunities for Ski Touring and mountaineering. You can ski from the top of the mountain to the Arctic Ocean. The ski slopes are truly unique and unexplored, with panoramic views of the pristine slopes waiting for you. Be prepared for a variety of skiing conditions-skiing in fresh powder to vertical 1500-meter cliffs in the Arctic mountains. After a beautiful day in the mountains, you can bathe in Iceland's natural hot springs!

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Ski Touring in Svaneti - Georgia

A trip that leads you to the remote and wild region of Svaneti, the heart of the Greater Caucasus. 5,000-meter mountains full of glaciers and wild valleys surrounded by endless forests. The area is known for the abundant snowfall that cloaks its mountains every year. Svaneti is also famous for its beautiful medieval villages, characterized by dwellings with distinctive towers, which are still well-preserved in the more remote villages such as in Mestia, Adishi and Usghuli. This trip, suitable for ski mountaineering enthusiasts, takes you through a fascinating rural world as you ski each day in different environments and with views of the most impressive peaks of the Caucasus.

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