From Ski Touring to Freeride - Ski Essentials, Gear, Best spots. Meet Giovanni from Adventoured

Winter is just around the corner and for us, snow and mountain enthusiasts, this is high time to plan our well-deserved Ski Touring trip.

Let's start with a simple concept: a Ski Touring vacation is an active and adrenaline-charged one, and especially a trip which creates amazing human connections and empathy in a wonderful setting.

That’s what exactly Giovanni is aiming at: he loves staying in the mountains and design inspiring trips for you. Let’s meet him and discover from his expertise all ski essentials, gear, best spots from Ski Touring to Freeride that will help you to shape your perfect holiday.

Tell me about yourself, your work, and what are you most passionate about?

I enjoy skiing, having fun and seeing others do the same. The way of traveling we offer reflects my passion, my identity. I am passionate about designing top-notch ski experiences. It is exactly what I would do for my own trip with my friends and family.

That’s why when my friend Marco, Adventoured founder, asked me to come on board, I didn’t hesitate at all!

In the jungle of different naming for different ski practices, can you shed some light to let us better understand?

There is a lot of talk about definitions these days. The most important part of the definition in my opinion remains "skiing". Ski touring, ski mountaineering etc. have all something in common: you move around in the mountains, you use climbing skins to go up slopes, and then ski down them. These skins slide in one direction, and thus allow you to go up but not slide back. Don’t be fooled by different names!

  • Ski touring: it remains the less specific definition, which is used for more affordable routes.
  • Ski mountaineering: the word mountaineering implies that the goal is reaching a more or less challenging peak.
  • Free touring: one of the most recent ski practices, also born thanks to high-performance yet lightweight materials. Here the goal is no longer to reach a peak, but to search for the most beautiful slopes with the best snow, sometimes assisted by lifts.
  • Backcountry skiing: backcountry refers to vast mountainous spaces that are not easily accessible. It is an American term that fits the features of American mountainous areas. The Alps, for example, are very man-made. In the next valley there is always a small village or a mountain pasture.
  • Freeride: it refers to the downhill of the off-piste skiing practices. Here the materials are heavy, which is at the expense of agility in a possible ascent with climbing skins. Usually the ingredients of freeriding are big speeds and jumps. The ascent is often assisted, i.e., lifts or whatever can get you to the top of the line while making as little effort as possible.

How to prepare for a Ski Touring vacation? What equipment is essential?

Ski Touring Gear Essentials: skis, boots climbing skins and a strong desire to be in the mountains! Essential safety equipment is avalanche beacon, shovel and probe. Our guides cover the topic of safety before each activity and equipment is checked before each ski tour. Since our activities are all over several days, we always include practical safety sessions.

Safety and training are two main aspects for preparing to a Ski Touring Camp: our professional guides place value on safety trainings, snow conditions and slopes, identifying the best timing to leave or to change routes to avoid certain dangers.

Which destinations would you recommend for a Ski Touring holiday?

I think the Alps are the best. Nowhere else are there so many possibilities and variety in so little space. Other places in the world are specific while the Alps are diverse and less monotonous. If I have to choose a second favorite destination for traveling and skiing I would say Iceland. Adventure and nature shows will be guaranteed! An incredible setting of geysers, ice rivers, volcanoes, aurora. You’ll never be bored!

What’s Ski Safari then?

Ski Safari allows you to experience a week of on-piste skiing with the lifts, focussing on the views, mountains, nature, of course skiing...lots of skiing! Without neglecting relaxation and wellness. Instead of staying a week in one resort and seeing more or less the same things and skiing the same slopes, with the ski safari we change locations every day moving with the lifts and skis. While our luggage will be delivered to the hotel booked for the next day by a dedicated shuttle bus. The ideal terrain for this adventure is the Dolomites, where valleys are interconnected.

What’s your unique selling point?

Why should I convince people to book our tours? We take our knowledge and experience and transform it in local and adventurous ski camps. Unlike most operators in this industry, we have personally experienced every trip we offer. I can say that I am my own first customer! 😉

Our pay off is “be your experience” - because I am this experience, we are this experience, it’s shaped for outdoor travelers and enthusiasts around the world!

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