Adventure cycling tours - Ready to cycle in Veneto and Trentino?

Are you ready for adventure cycling tours for the upcoming season? Veneto and Trentino boast a perfect off-season landscape in which to delve on two wheels: cooler temperatures and clear skies. From the seaside to gentle hills and the highest mountains: adventure cycling tours in this area are varied and combine flat routes with high peaks and hilly countryside.

Below there are some routes and experiences we thought we would recommend for a ride at the end of summer. Have fun!

Adventure Cycling Tours - Euganean Hills Cycle Ring

A 75-km route that crosses, with a maximum elevation gain of 63m (at Rovolon), some of the most beautiful scenic spots in the Euganean Hills and allows you to visit, with a few detours, particularly interesting tourist destinations, such as the sanctuary of the Seven Churches in Monselice, the small village of Arquà, and Praglia Abbey.

Length: 75km

Elevation gain: 63m

Level: difficult

Adventure cycling tours - Greenway of the Sile from Treviso to Jesolo

A medium-difficulty bike path crossing the Sile Regional Park and the eaves of the Venetian lagoon. Along the river, you will encounter a number of Venetian villas and evidence of human activities related to water, from the mills and factories on the outskirts of Treviso to the Burci cemetery in Casier to the neglected farmsteads in the reclaimed lands along the Sile cut.

Length: 52km

Elevation gain: 0

Level: medium

Adventure cycling tours - Valpolicella Loop amidst vineyards

If you want to get to know a bit about the whole Valpolicella area, the most suitable route is the Valpolicella loop, 44 kilometers in total in which numerous itineraries of the area are connected, touching many significant places from the landscape, historical, cultural and naturalistic points of view. A route with some unpaved sections and modest climbs. It passes through Quar, Corrubio, Pescantina, Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Fumane, San Pietro in Cariano, Pedemonte, Moron, and Arbizzano. If you want to ride in peace while discovering lesser-known places, rely on a guide. In the area, there are also bike rental points of different types, from mtb to e-bike.

Length: 44km

Elevation gain: 1090m

Level: medium

Adventure cycling tours - Valsugana cycle path

Eighty kilometers from Bassano del Grappa to Lake Levico and Caldonazzo in Valsugana - Trentino, the Valsugana bicycle path follows the course of the Brenta River in a mostly "flat" territory with some slight ups and downs.

Length: 44,5km

Elevation gain: 77m

Level: medium

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Adventure cycling tours - Reschenpass-Meran cycle path

This beautiful route crosses the Vinschgau Valley from Reschen Pass (1504 meters), near the Austrian border, to Meran (330 meters): a true paradise for cyclists who enjoy high-altitude routes with considerable elevation gain (1200 meters downhill). The length is about 80 kilometers that can be covered in an afternoon (one way). Care must be taken because in some sections there is no bike path, so you end up along village or side roads where cars pass. Once over the Reschen Pass, you continue on the bike path that skirts the picturesque Reschen Lake (famous for the bell tower of Curon emerging from the water), then descend in altitude and encounter beautiful medieval villages (such as Glorenza).

Length: 80km

Elevation gain: +297 m | -1536 m

Level: difficult

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Are you ready for off-season Adventure cycling tours

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